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Every month, 10% of your subscription goes to support Catholic Charities, but if you feel called to give even more, check out these Catholic Ministries we have partnered with and get a T-shirt to support them!


These Catholic Leaders are working everyday in their ministry to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the world in their own personal ways.  By supporting them, you are supporting the Body of Christ in our communities!  Check out the stories below and if you feel called, support them by ordering a T-shirt!

Rise Up Jerusalem

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In 2015, Connor McLaughlin uploaded his first video onto YouTube in hopes of creating a show about Theology that his peers would actually enjoy watching. He named his channel “Rise up Jerusalem” with the idea that the videos would help show teens and young adults learn more about how to live a holy life outside of sin. All people fall, but as St. Irenaus says, “Have you fallen? Rise up!”


Learn more about Connor's Mission and order a T-Shirt to support him here!

Mater Dei Parish Restoration Project

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Do you love Latin Mass?  Do you want to see Latin Mass Continue at a parish near you in Dallas, TX?  Mater Dei Parish is a Latin Rite Community that needs your support!  Their Parish is very old and in need of renovation so they can keep bringing God the Glory He asks us to give Him through the Mass.

Get one of these Exclusive Latin St. Benedict T-shirts to show your support for Mater Dei Parish!

Catholic Connect App

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Richy Orozco founded Catholic Connect over four years ago to help younger Catholics stay connected to their faith through social media. He quickly noticed that his pages were attracting followers from all ages and countries.

Additionally, Richy has been helping Catholic companies of all sizes, from start-ups to some of the largest companies in the U.S, to reach larger audiences. He identified the need to empower all Catholics with a place where they can offer their business to other Catholics nearby without having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising.

Order a Catholic Connect T-Shirt here to show your support for this amazing new ministry!

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