Catholic T-shirt Club Fundraising



Higher Margins - Less Work

Your School or group makes a full 20% of all orders taken through your group, making every dollar count!

Earn Rewards

Sellers earn rewards for themselves as gifts from us in addition to the money they raise for the group!

Fundraise with Purpose

Every Catholic T-shirt worn is a statement of Faith. Enable others to share the gospel while you raise money for your Catholic Group!

Here's the Scoop

We will send you a packet containing all order forms, brochures, and instructions that you will need!
(For church table fundraisers, you will also receive sample T-shirts to show at your table while you take the orders.)
After orders are taken and order forms are filled out, group leaders will collect the money and orders from everyone and send them to Catholic T-shirt Club within 3 business days of the fundraiser closing.
Your work here is done!
After receiving your orders, we will sort and fulfill them, shipping directly to the customer so you don't have to worry about distributing and keeping track of customers! Now you can relax and spend a little more time doing what you love, like visiting Adoration!

Ready to raise some funds?

Contact us with the form below or call us to get set up with your Catholic T-shirt Club Fundraiser!

Questions? Call us anytime!

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