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$21 /mo

  • Exclusive Catholic T-shirt
  • $26 Minimum Retail Value

$28 /mo

  • Exclusive Catholic T-shirt
  • Sacramentals, Holy Cards, Medals
  • Best Value and Most Popular
  • $42 Minimum Retail Value

$49 /mo

  • Two Exclusive Catholic T-Shirts
  • Two of Each Sacramentals, Holy Cards, Medals
  • Perfect for Couples and Friends
  • $84 Minimum Retail Value

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Catholic T-shirt Club for ages 3-8 is now available and is a fantastic way to help your children grow in faith!

What our customers are saying...


love love LOVE the box I received!! Beautiful rosary, loved the scapulars and the t-shirt is awesome!! Can't wait for next month! Everything in the box is wonderful!😊😊😊



LOVED the box!!!!!

Absolutely perfect!!!!!



My mother was so happy when I came home with our box. My father is very sick and in September he was diagnosed with two brain tumors and epilepsy. Now, he is blind, and paralyzed on one side. I put the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in his hand as he lovingly kissed the image and held the rosary. It was beautiful.
This is so special to my family, Thank you for your work! 

Marcel Urban

Würzburg, Germany

I am impressed...thank you!


‎Bernice Granado

Chicago, IL