Youth T-Shirts

SizeWidthLengthAge Range
3T14163 Years
4T15174 Years
Youth X-Small1620.5(2-4)
Youth Small1722(6-8)
Youth Medium1823.5(10-12)
Youth Large1925(14-16

The Little Saint Box

$19.00 per month

The Little Saint Box guides your kids into a better understanding of their faith through activities, introduction to sacramentals, and excitement about prayer. Help guide your children to become the Little Saints that God calls them to be!


The Little Saint Box Contains:

-Unique Catholic Tee based around the theme of the month for the adult box (matching designs for parent and child!)

-A holy card and kid friendly sacramental based upon the theme

– A fun craft to creatively bring the faith to life for your child


Size Guide

Kids Love It

Studies show that if you teach a child something fun, they will remember it longer. That's why we design Little Saint Boxes to be the most fun way to learn about the Catholic Faith!

Learn the Faith

Teaching kids how to share their faith these days is hard. But being able to share and be proud of your faith is easy when your kids can wear it right on their T-shirts!

Family Friendly

We create safe product for Catholic Kids to learn and grow! All the items we include in your boxes follow Catholic Church teachings and will always be Child-Safe and Kid-Friendly

Subscribe Today!

When you subscribe for your child, you will be giving them a gift that will stay in their heart forever.  As they grow, they will remember the fun and exciting adventures that each Little Saint Box contains!

This month's mystery box theme is St. Anthony of Padua!

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