The Catholic T-shirt Club is designed for you!

Square Bishop Box no Background
Every one of our boxes is carefully crafted to help you grow in and learn about your Catholic faith, with each month giving you brand new evangelization tools that you can keep, collect, or gift to your loved ones!
When you become a member you will receive an exclusive Catholic T-shirt every month. Depending on your subscription, you will also receive a Sacramental, Medal, Holy Card, and lots of fun Catholic bonus items shipped right to your door!
Our exclusive T-shirt design is only revealed when you open your box each month. The tools of the Catholic faith provided within your box will enable you to preach the gospel without even saying a word!
It’s the perfect gift for your hard to shop for Catholic friend, husband, wife, kids… anyone who loves being Catholic and loves Catholic T-shirts!
Make sure to have your gifts blessed each month by your closest Priest!

Please note: Each of the included items is not guaranteed and will change month by month. Each box (Bishop and up) will contain at least 1 T-shirt, Sacramental, and Holy Card or Medal. Some months more items will be included, depending on the theme.

The Retail Value of the combined Items will always exceed the cost of the selected box. It is our goal to give value to our subscribers.

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