Monthly Subscription boxes with surprise Catholic T-shirts are an exciting and easy way to share your faith!
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How It Works:

Your first box will ship right away after you subscribe. You will then be signed up to get an exciting, faith filled box every month!

Receive your surprise box and deepen your Catholic faith with our monthly reflections. Then go out to evangelize with your new Catholic T-shirts!

Watch a Box Reveal:

Shirt-of-the-Month VIP Box

Little Saint Box

Joan of Arc Squared

Your First Box Will Be...

St. Joan of Arc!  This Exclusive themed box will only be available until July 10, so sign up today and don't miss the epic box we have planned for you this month!

Love love love!! It’s like Christmas every month in my house!

Jenny B

…on this side of Heaven you will never know the Grace this box was for me.

Maureen M.

Ahhhhh!! I got my box and I’m in love!! The kids even said it was one of their favorite boxes yet!

Carla D.

I just love all the care that’s put into choosing what goes in these boxes. So Awesome!!!!

Denise S.
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