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We give a deeper meaning to the Catholic T-shirts you wear! We create T-shirts that are rich in Tradition and tell the story of your Catholic Faith to everyone you meet!

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This Month's Theme: The Way of the Cross

It's that time of year again where we give up chocolate and TV, but how can we aim to make this year different? By thinking not about "what to give up" for lent, but rather "what to give" for Lent...  This month's theme will focus on Jesus' Way of the Cross and help us think about how we can be Christ to others!

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Each month features a different Catholic theme based on Liturgical events or Saint Feasts. 

Our Exclusive Catholic T-shirts are paired with unique Sacramentals and reflections so you can Evangelize just by wearing and sharing these gifts!

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Our goal is to help deepen your understanding of the Catholic faith and nurture your relationship with God. We provide you with powerful tools of the Church and an experience rich in love and blessings to help you evangelize to those around you.

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