Catholic T-Shirt Club


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Andy Ciastko - Founder of Catholic T-Shirt Club

Our Faith guides us every step of the way!

We believe that our faith is meant to be lived personally, publicly and joyfully! So in everything we do we seek to give our God glory, and to honor Him through our creativity, ministry, and devotion to Christ and our Blessed Mother. We pray for each and every one of our customers, subscribers, and all those connected to us. We hope you will do the same for us!

Our Catholic faith, and our relationship with Christ, is always the center of our professional and personal lives. Everything we strive to accomplish has Christ as it's beginning and as it's end.


The people that
make us possible

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Andy Ciastko


Truly a man on a mission! Drawing on his Catholic faith, as well as his tremendous experience in screen-printing and entrepreneurship, Andy founded Catholic T-Shirt Club going on three years ago. Starting with a first subscription order of just 25 boxes, Catholic T-Shirt Club now ships thousands of t-shirts out every month to an ever growing fanbase. Andy and his wife Vanessa live in a little Texas town with their three kids, and spend their days plotting how to grow this wonderful business-in-ministry for the greater glory of God.

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Vanessa Ciastko

Co-Founder and Creative Director

The heart and soul of Catholic T-Shirt Club. Seriously, all these amazing shirts? She designs them! Vanessa and Andy conceived of Catholic T-Shirt Club going on three years ago motivated out of faith and sheer entrepreneurial guts. Vanessa, as mentioned, is responsible for our amazing t-shirt designs, creating our fantastic Inspirationals, as well as providing general direction of the company with Andy..

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Cecelia Solis

Operations Manager

Cecelia makes the world go round! Okay maybe not "the world", but she definitely makes sure all of our subscription and storefront operations go off without a hitch! Cecelia has worked with Catholic T-Shirt Club close to it's inception and is our key to keeping our shipping operations flowing smoothly. That giddy experience you have when you open one of our amazing VIP boxes? She's pretty much responsible for that!